Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MY Tabbert Family!

This beautiful family are my Tabbert Family!
You like how I claim them as mine? ;)

Okay, they are not really my family, BUT they could be!
My two daughters are the same age as these beautiful ladies and we had the pleasure of meeting them in 2011 when our oldest started preschool.

NO JOKE! They have been inseparable since!

Now, our youngest daughters are in preschool together!
I consider ourselves so amazingly lucky to have such a beautiful, loving, giving family in our lives!

So I introduce you to The Tabberts! :)

When Mom told me she wanted to do a Detroit Tigers Baseball shoot, I knew she had my heart FOREVER!
Every baseball team needs a little bit of eye black, RIGHT?!?

Here they are, these gorgeous ladies stole my heart back in 2011!  They are AMAZING young ladies!

The best players on the field ;)

Yep!  I think I am going to keep them around for a long time! Our family is blessed to have crossed paths with outstanding people!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Crossing Paths!

When Grace graduated from Kindergarten this week I thought about all of the people that she will cross paths with through the years and then I hoped that we stay at the same school.   Just the week before her graduation, I went to my grade school reunion, sadly, it was because my school closed at the end of the year.  Now, I went to a different school every year and we were not an army family.  My Mom was a single Mom and we moved every summer to live in a house with more affordable rent, or a better neighborhood.  I always liked moving, it was a new house, it was like a new adventure!  The part I didn’t like was the new school part :/  I was not the most outgoing kid, I was shy and easily embarrassed.  

I remember my Mom telling me we were going to another new school.  This time it was a private school, where I had to wear a uniform every day.  I was not looking forward to it. At. All.  I remember meeting my new teacher before school even started.  Her name was Mrs. Mulrenin, she had blonde hair and she was so nice to me.  That is all I really remember.  That was all I really needed to remember, I just needed one person to be nice to me.  This is the school where I ended up staying and making a “family” with my friends.  I am forever grateful for all of the friends I made at this school, they are still just as important to me today! 
 My hope for my daughters is that they when they meet new people they will continue to carry that person with them.  I hope they feel the same "family" feeling I still carry with me, no matter how long it’s been since we last met. 
So, to all of you that have crossed my path for any matter of time, I thank you!  Thank you for your time, your smile, your joy, and for embracing me as your friend.  My life would not be what it is with out YOU!

The class of 2025!  Yes, we were in the back you will know why in a few more photos down! :)

They sang songs for us.

We sat far back because she had a line in the program.  She was really, really, really nervous! Her line was "Our teachers have taught us all about our wonderful world." Then they sang What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, that just happens to be my favorite song in the Universe!
Getting her diploma from her teacher.

And her principal.

Grace and Mrs. Payne.

Grace and Mrs. Cox.

Jenni's last day of preschool.

One of her besties! Van!

Singing for the last time :(

This was my 8th grade classroom, lots of good vibes going on!

The principals office!  I swear I never had to go there!  The exiting principal was also a student, he was in the year behind me, but I also drove him home from high school back in the day and his whole family is AH-MAZING!! :)
Never Forget!
I will never forget the amazing people I have crossed paths with in this school or in my life, you are all amazing and perfect to me!