Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 2014

We started out May without Ryan, and then the most emotional reunion ever!
We read books, played outside a lot, someone turned 5 and then got strep throat :(
We took Birthday photos, cleaned our room (almost) and went to Greenfield Village.
Supported our friends with Apraxia!
Someone lost a tooth, we went to an Island and realized the end of the school year is almost here!


Day 121 of 365. Our last night as a threesome! I have had a great week with the girls, nothing crazy, but I think we are all ready for Daddy to come home tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

Day 122 of 365. BEST. DAY. EVER!

Day 123 of 365. Grace opened up a bookstore today. She was selling her books to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital (her favorite charity). She was having a sale of buy one get one free......the kicker: she only had two books! I Love her! 

Day 124 of 365. I came home and found this. I guess that trip to the park with Grandma was rough :)

Day 125 of 365. Doing some DEEP spring cleaning this year and came across a book I had as a kid. It now belongs to the girls  :)

Day 126 of 365. Playing.
 Day 127 of 365. Jennifer is tenderhearted, carefree, loving and kind. She is smart, goofy and beautiful. Today Jenni is 5!!! She will be starting t-ball this summer and kindergarten in the fall. She has the worlds best giggle, and I ofter refer to her as my hippie child or Jelly Bean! I am blessed to be her mother. HaPpY 5th BiRtHdAy :)

Day 128 of 365. Yesterday she turned 5. Today she has strep throat :(

Day 129 of 365. I swear I was only gone for two hours!!!! It's nice to know they missed me though  :)

 Day 130 of 365. Finally got a chance to take their Birthday Photos. My favorite photos of any session are when they completely forget I am there and the interactions take place <3

Day 131 of 365. A beautifully quiet ending to an amazing and fun day! PERFECTION :)
Day 132 of 365. Wearing the exact same outfit and calling it "twinsie day".

 Day 133 of 365. I see WORK! They see PLAY!

Day 134 of 365. Today we represented Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America (CASANA) for one of our bestest friends. We love you Karsen and we are the lucky ones in this friendship :) Check out the comments to donate or sign up for the walk on August 10th!

Day 135 of 365. I asked Jenni to clean up her room. 20 minutes later I went to check on her and this is what I see. UGH this girl! :)

Day 136 of 365. Grace LOVES lego's Her hair is via 80s day at school! :)

Day 137 of 365. Dirty feet equal a day well played outside :)

Day 138 of 365. We spent most of this beautiful day with family at Greenfield Village. The girls found a duck to have a chat with, I think they both enjoyed the conversation  :)

Day 139 of 365. I am not quite sure where she learned to do this, but the fact that the shovel was backwards made me giggle for a long time  :)

Day 140 of 365. Her face.....sheer determination!

Day 141 of 365. Jenni and her class took their last trip to Grand Court to sing for the residents. They sang about "spring things" like baseball and caterpillars  :)

Day 142 of 365. Dear NHL, we heard you needed a new player?!?!?

Day 143 of 365. They are so strong they are holding up the Mackinac Bridge while on Mackinac Island :)

Day 144 of 365. First thing in the morning after waking up they wanted to play on the beach  :)

Day 145 of 365. Before leaving this morning we were sucked into the tourist trap of shopping :) The girls found the fountain and were giggle monsters! We decided the water looked like a smurf peed in it ;)

Day 146 of 365. Because the only requirement for helping Dad is to wear a bathing suit?!?!?

Day 147 of 365. Ryan decided he needed his hairs cut, Jenni wanted a few cut also :) Do you see Ryan in the back?

Day 148 of 365. It's a poopy day so a video game it is! Why do we go the library again?? 

Day 149of365. Today was my last day reading with Grace's class. It has been an amazing year watching these kids grow into beautiful readers! What a great experience  :)

Day 150 of 365. She had her kindergarten assessment this afternoon. She was more excited about getting a water bottle then anything else.  :)

 Day 151 of 365. They say it's not cold, but I really don't believe them! ;)

Bonus Photos!  These are a few photos that I took while in Mackinac that I felt should be shared also :)

This was Jenni's first ferry boat ride to the Island :)

Grace felt a nap was necessary while on the Island!

 After lunch they fed the dirty birds aka seagulls!

 Jenni drew a photo of her Dad in the sand :)

 Playing on the shore of lake Huron!