Monday, April 8, 2013

Life is moving to fast!

Hello Miss Mara! 
Mara is a stunning six year old and I got the honor of having her in front of my camera! 

Last year I posted a few photos of my oldest daughter and her bestie as they left the comfort of preschool and moved on to Kindergarten at different schools.
If you don't remember you can check it out here.

Here it is one year later, the besties are turning six (their birthdays are 3days apart) and they are surviving Kindergarten at their separate schools.  My favorite part is that even though they are meeting and making new friends they both still refer to each other as their best friends. 
This makes a Mommy heart flutter.

I might cry while looking and writing about these photos so please forgive me if you see a few of my tear drops on the screen! ;)


Here she is in her favorite dress!

This girl can rock any outfit with that smile :)
We added a little sister to the mix.....who now goes to preschool with my youngest :)

We threw in a bestie for good measure!

Don't let the little sisters fool you, they are besties also!  They like to throw out an attitude once and a while :)

Thank you for looking through my photos and I am pretty darn sure you will see all of these girls again.....soon ;)  They are totally like our sisters now!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Sophia the ADORABLE.

Meet Sophia.  
Sophia just celebrated her six month birthday and I got to photograph her for this milestone.  
Let me tell you that she was an angel to work with!
She smiled and giggled at me the whole time, I swear her Mom and Dad were not behind me at all
HEY, I like to pretend I am funny!

Anyways, here she is.......oh and I TOTALLY threatened to keep her!!


Her smile is so bright and beautiful!

I can just hear her giggle.

Those eyes, I have a feeling, are going to get her just about anything she desires!

OMG, how can you NOT love baby toes and those little precious!

Hey, I gave you a fair warning about possibly wanting a baby

I hope you have an AH-MAZING day!