Thursday, September 11, 2014

August 2014

Balloon messages sent to heaven.  Preschool friends reunion.
Family vacation. Library building. Grandmas birthday.
Learning new games. Ice bucket challenge.
Splash Pad. Miniature golf.
Shaving like Dad.

ay 213 of 365. The girls were enjoying themselves with dance party Friday. Then they asked me to teach them a "real" dance :/ The only one I could think of was the jazz square :) I think I might see dance classes in our near future, Ryan.

Day 214 of 365. I guess a rainy day wore her out!
Day 215 of 365. One year ago today we lost Gammie <3  We sent her notes via balloon. "because I don't think they have email in heaven" ~Grace

Day 216 of 365. Uh, because they can :/

Day 217 of 365. It takes her longer to pick out the colors she wants then it does to actually paint her nails!

Day 218 of 365. We are super fortunate to have made amazing friends while the girls were in preschool! Today, after school, we had a reunion with teachers and friends. The frog pond was a HUGE hit! Thank you Mrs. Hinkle, you are AWESOMESAUCE!

Day 219 of 365. She is keeping guard while Daddy tries on some clothes ;)

Day 220 of 365. We, road trip it, "old school"

Day 221 of 365. The only way to travel to dinner is via waterway ;)

Day 222 of 365. Grace "Little Wiggles" Henry is taking cousin Dan down!

Day 223 of 365. Clearly, the worst babysitter! EVER! He is, however, the best Uncle ;)

Day 224 of 365. A rainy day on the lake sent us indoors ;) Grace LOVED the avalanche of water every five minutes!

Day 225 of 365. Kiddie Go-karts! Now they think they know how to drive :(

Day 226 of 365. The family selfie. I love them!

Day 227 of 365. Back home and so is the crabby Jenni :/ *Sigh*

Day 228 of 365. The girls designed their own cons! :D

Day 229 of 365. The girls worked super hard for roughly two days to make a very beautiful library :)

Day 230 of 365. Today is my Moms, aka Grandma, 60th Birthday! I do believe she was tricked into "looking the other way", she is old now, after all ;) Love you Mom aka Grandma, we are so lucky to have you!!! <3

Day 231 of 365. Kindergarten homework is colorful :)

Day 232 of 365. The girls like when Daddy picks them up from school :) <3

Day 233 of 365. Wait. I think they might actually like each other?!?!?! ;)

Day 234 of 365. Learning a new game, pray for me!

Day 235 of 365. The girls wanted to do the ice bucket challenge for ALS. First, they asked what it was for and then they LOVED that they got to be a part of helping and donating! <3

Day 236 of 365. This box was a car, a time machine, a go kart and a truck like daddy's (I can't remember all the rest). Grace is clearly excited to tell me all about the trips they took :)

Day 237 of 365. Splash pad goodness!

Day 238 of 365. I taught the girls Pictionary today, we played for two hours :D

Day 239 of 365. Putt-Putt golf was a huge hit! We laughed a lot :D

Day 240 of 365. I think she is going to make an amazing mommy <3

Day 241 of 365. They love their Daddy! They just want to do whatever he can do <3

Day 242 of 365. Grace decided to camp out......on the couch :)

Day 243 of 365. Approximately 45 seconds after this photo was taken of her helping me paint, she stuck her hand in the paint! Ugh, LOL!!!