Friday, April 4, 2014

March 2014

March 2014

 March started out cold, really cold!

We stayed inside a little bit more, but at least we love each other!
We did get the chance to build a few extra snowmen, sing some frozen songs, celebrate Daddy's work
achievements, visit cousins, read a little bit extra for reading month, go a hair cut, partake in cake for Dad's birthday and then end the month with a sickness.  

Overall I would say it was another successful month and the snow is finally starting to melt!!!!
That is all we really care about anyway ;)

 Day 60 of 365. Studio testing! Me: "Smile, girls!" Girls: *No reaction. Me:"Stinky, poopy, fart fart." Girls: Giggles! WORKS EVERY TIME!!!

Day 61 of 365. Grace said she was "tired and really just needed to take a rest". So, she did :)

Day 62 of 365. Ryan stole my truck so we stole Grandma's car, then she forgot about the memo of a funny face :) What would we do without you, Grandma? (Jenni was not in a participating mood)

Day 63 of 365. Cuddles.

Day 64 of 365. I get to spend a two mile car ride with these cuties every afternoon. They have some of the funniest things to talk about after school. FYI: It is really hard to take a photo while not looking ;)
Day 65 of 365. The girls have done nothing but fight and argue all day since getting home from school. Then this happens, and I wonder, how the hell can I be mad?!?
Day 66 of 365. Fresh air, Sunshine and Snow!!!!

 Day 67 of 365. "Mom, we need a nose, a mouth and two eyes." They got a baby carrot, two buttons and some red food coloring :)

 Day 68 of 365. Often I wonder just where these feet will go in life.

Day 69 of 365. "Almost crumbling to the ground, he stopped. Looking at how far he had traveled and all it had taken to get there, he recognized his strength. The strengths he had inside of him, the strength he had gained along the way-his inner power. And so, he stood up. Standing tall, he faced forward and continued on."

For the full article
*Please note he didn't go to Adrian High School, he is a Madison HS Trojans alum!

Day 70 of 365. Didn't you know we had a dog?  :)

Day 71 of 365. March is reading month. They have to read for their schools to earn prizes. Lucky for me they love to read anyway.  :)

 Day 72 of 365. Jenni had her second snow day in a row. She attacked me! So, naturally, I camera :)

 Day 72 of 365. She has been bugging me to get her hair cut :( She looks sooooooooo grown up!

Day 74 of 365. I love how much these cousins love each other. It reminds me of my own cousins and all the fun we had! Uncle Dave likes it too  ;)

 Day 75 of 365. Jenni hugged Daddy so hard he passed out ;) She had to hug him gently to wake him up :)
Day 76 of 365. She told me her freckles are angel kisses from heaven while she is sleeping. Love her!

 Day 77 of 365. Frozen came out today! Need I say more?? ;)

Day 78 of 365. We stopped at the library after school. I LOVE that she devours books!  :)

Day 79 of 365. Her conferences were last night. She got amazing marks :D Today she had a 1/2 day, she choose china buffet for lunch and then a trip to Kohl's for a new bathing suit! After all that, all she wanted to do was go home and watch Frozen. Her she is singing and acting out Let it go! :)

 Day 80 of 365. Jenni's bestie came over after school today. They ran, played, went outside, jumped and then Grace read them a story.<3

Day 81 of 365. Grace did my morning workout with me :) The headband was all her own idea!!!

Day 82 of 365. Yes, I bribe my kids when I need to :/  Clean room=Ice Cream!

 Day 83 of 365. We got a sick one :( However, she is feeling much better I think the juice and cheerios are working! 

Day 84 of 365. Grace is doing her math homework and Jennifer is READING! She is reading from the pictures, but she is doing fabulously!!!

Day 85 of 365. Today is Ryan's birthday! The girls made him a cake and got him shaving goodies. He is pretty amazing and we are beyond thrilled to celebrate 33! Happy Birthday our own super hero in so many amazing ways!  <3

 Day 86 of 365. Sorry Mr. Batman Balloon, but I think you are about to die via karate kick.

 Day 87 of 365. Jenni got her backpack for kindergarten. She keeps saying how she does not want to go, she wants to stay in pre-K. However, I told her how she will be in the same school as Grace, I think that helped ease her anxiety. She begged and pleaded to use her new backpack and I totally gave in because I hope it will help her be even more excited!!

Day 88 of 365. Monkey number 3 is down! I repeat monkey 3 is down! We have been so fortunate to have missed all the winter sickness, only to welcome spring with some suspected (by me) strep throat. Hey, its nothing a little jello and pudding can't fix  ;)  

Day 89 of 365. Ryan needed to make a trip to Staples. The girls found the workbook section of the store and went home with new learning tools  :)

 Day 90 of 365. A positive diagnosis on the strep throat :(