Friday, August 1, 2014

July 2014

We had softball and t-ball, cold weather, play dates.
Mom turned 26 AGAIN!
Fairy's, photo shoots and big girl room.
Date night, hard work and fair fun!
School Started :)

Day 182 of 365. Grace had her first coach pitch game today! She has been wanting to do this for two years now! So proud of her hard work and absolute determination :D

Day 183 of 365. Today we had a play date at our house with Michelle and her daughter :) Lego's, what else do they do these days ;)

 Day 184 of 365. A Tabbarienie play date! :D

 Day 185 of 365. A cousin's sleepover!?!? Yes Please!!! :)

 Day 186 of 365. "Can I get a group hug?" ~Uncle Buck

Day 187 of 365. My view for the day. Chapter 35 is appropriate for the day :)

Day 188 of 365. Due to me turning 26 for the 10th time today, I thought I should be in the photo :) I got the spend the whole day with these crazies, it was totally perfect :D

Day 189 of 365. Yes, that is Grace's tooth in my hand. She lost it while playing short shop at her game today :)

Day 190 of 365. We went to the library today (one of our favorite spots) where we learned about fossils, dinosaurs, earthquakes and volcano's!

Day 191 of 365. Team Rockies, where Jennifer is the only girl! :) *she is located second from the right ;)

Day 192 of 365. Not one argument while building their fairy garden! I think the fairies will love the new digs :)
Day 193 of 365. This morning we went on a photo walk with some of my photo friends. They each had their own cameras and Grace discovered she likes taking photos of flowers, Jenni likes looking at the flowers ;)

Day 194 of 365. When you turn five in our house you get a big girl room and you get to help peel and scrape wallpaper ;)

Day 195 of 365. The room is painted and put back together, we just have a few last minute touches to get done. For now, she is loving it :)

Day 196 of 365. WORST PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANTS EVER!! On a shoot this morning and they said they wanted to help me......then we got to the beach :/ Love em anyway!
Day 197 of 365. Grace is making a magazine :) When is the last time you wore long sleeves in July (damn cold weather) ;)?! 

Day 198 of 365. Today the girls got to meet the beautiful Joycelynn! I think they are smitten and ready for babysitting duty ;)

Day 199 of 365. Because playing catch requires a fancy dress! :)
Day 200 of 365. We are on a date night to celebrate the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Radant :) Congrats Steph and Kevin, can't wait to watch your love grow more and more every day :)

Day 201 of 365. Today the girls asked for Lego's (surprise, surprise!) So we thought earning them would be a great lesson :)

Day 202 of 365. I missed the step off of the deck and SLICED my pinky toe wide open with a waterfall of blood to follow :( Happy Monday! *Hey, this is a good beer drinking situation :)

Day 203 365. A hot day needs a fun way to cool off tandem style! :)

Day 204 of 365. Rides. Food. Face Paint. Ice Cream. Rides. Food. Rides. I think they had a great day :)

Day 205 of 365. Her last game. "I like hitting, and running, getting the ball and running, and um.......playing all of it, that's it." ~Jenni

Day 206 of 365. Her last game. "I like softball, um, because my team makes me play better so I can learn more" ~Grace

 Day 207 of 365. Grace wins big sister of the year! Grace rode rides that she didn't want to only because her little sister was to scared to go it alone. So proud of her for being amazing :)

 Day 208 of 365. Stopping fill up on gas (thankful this one's free!) and air in the tires!

Day 209 of 365. The first day of school! Check it out here if you want to read all about it :)

Day 210 of 365. "Mom, I learned to read this book today!!"

Day 211 of 365. Lazy or Genius?

Day 212 of 365. I don't remember why she is mad at me, but she is pissed! At least she is cute ;)


This beauty came rolling by our house over the weekend of July 13th! It's a steam engine train that runs from Fort Wayne, In to Allen Park, MI. Who wants to ride it with me next year Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society

Grace playing catcher!  My favorite when I played in high school :)

Picking out those Lego's that they earned from their hard work in the yard :)

Jenni, she is tiny, yet a mighty mighty girl! 

The girls played softball and t-ball this month and they both did FANTASTIC!  They made new friends, learned teamwork, and did their best every game.  Sports were so very important to me growing up and taught me a lot, I love that my girls are learning some of those same things and they really seem to love it!
After seven months into my 365 project, I am proud of myself for doing this FINALLY!  I am having an amazing time catching some great days and a few not so great.  My girls are at such an amazing age of wonder and imagination,  I am LOVING watching them grow up and I don't think I could be any prouder of them :)  They finally found out I am taking photos of them and they call it the "photo of the day", which is fine with me and they don't seem to care or they are just really really used to me already ;)
Have an AH-MAZING Day :)