Monday, July 28, 2014

Back To School

The girls started school today!

What? It's July!

Yes, well our school offered a new Balanced School Year (BSY) option.
We went to the parent info meeting, I did a lot of research and we thought
that BSY was right for our family and our girls :) 

Both girls were soooooo excited to go back and they love school so it's a win-win really!

 Jenni started Kindergarten today!!!!

Grace started Second grade today!!!!

I know she is ready, but I just can't believe she is a second grader :)

Jenni wanted to show us to her classroom!

I know she is ready and prepared, but this is hard!

Here is the deal, when the girls were babies I always imagined them being in school together! I remember thinking how cool it will be and how much fun for them.  I imagined how the girls will grow up and have so many good memories of things they did at school.  Maybe I am crazy, but we even came up with a secret "code" on the off chance they see each other in the hall.

This was a little bit more difficult that I had thought it would be!  I am finding it terribly difficult that Grace is a second grader....hello, second grade already?  To boot she is brilliant and she LOVES school, she is an amazing sponge and just wants to learn about anything she can!

My Jenni is in kindergarten, KINDERGARTEN, my baby!  She was soooooooooo excited this morning!  She wants to be just like her big sister and she just wants to learn to read, like RIGHT NOW, wants to read anything and everything :)

Here is to a great school year with lots of fun breaks!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 2014

Ice cream, library, Daddy monster.
Yo-Yo, thrift store, last days of school.
Father's Day, independent breakfast, crafting up lanterns.
The Zoo, fireworks, camping and softball. 

Day 152 of 365. Grace plays pretty hard! Sometimes nap time is a necessity, so why not outside on the swing :)

Day 153 of 365. She said she had a bad day at school, so ice cream it is! :)

 Day 154 of 365. Another trip to the library The trivia question were all about kid inventors, the girls were all about guessing and writing their own answers! 

Day 155 of 365. Somehow a Daddy monster got in the house and was eating kids! Naturally I took a photo before saving their life ;)

Day 156 of 365. It has been three solid days and she finally got the hang of it!! DETERMINED! 

 Day 157 of 365. Charlie is helping the girls play with their legos.....or she was trying to eat them, you decide :) 

Day 158 of 365. For lunch we had some of the lettuce that the girls helped plant, water, care for and then cut. It was really delicious!

Day 159 of 365. Road trip to Ann Arbor.....just because, then finding a thrift shop and finding goodies :)

Day 160 of 365. Ryan has Monday's off, we usually both end up working from home anyway! Today, however, we went on Jenni's field trip to the farm, she was so excited to see both of us  :)

 Day 161 of 365. One of the MANY faces of my Jelly Bean :)

 Day 162 of 365. Today Jennifer graduated Preschool. Both girls had the same amazing teachers for the last four years. We really hit the preschool teacher jackpot!! 

 Day 163 of 365. "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same." For the last four years these amazing women have taught both girls, but more then that they have become a part of our family. 
Day 164 of 365. Our first day of summer vacation was BEAUTIFUL! So, we took a quick trip to the park :)

Day 165 of 365. If you ever happen to drive by our house you might see this flying Jelly Bean. Actually she was just practicing her "ginastics" :) I like the flying Jelly Bean better!

Day 166 of 365. Today was the 24th (holy cow!) Hellebuyck Hockey Party. It was also Father's Day :) I don't get to see my Dad a lot but for any time with him I am grateful!  <3

Day 167 of 365. This morning we headed over the the library and signed up for the summer reading program. The girls were the third and fourth ones to sign up and they are super excited!!!!

Day 168 of 365. We are going camping next week, so today we made jar lanterns to carry with us on our night walks through the campgrounds Testing them in the darkness is a must! 

Day 169 of 365. Spending a rainy afternoon in Grace's room watching a movie. 

Day 170 of 365. Uh, this is where I get to practice what I preach to the girls.........PATIENCE!

Day 171 of 365. My mornings are getting lazier and lazier I am kinda digging this independent thing! ;)

Day 172 of 365. This afternoon Grace decided we needed to take Jenni to check out the playground at school "so she won't be scared". What a great big sister :)

Day 173 of 365. We spent the day at the Detroit Zoo with a whole bunch of family. This guy just wanted to say hello to us all and thank us for coming :)
Day 174 of 365. We got to watch the Detroit Ford Fireworks last night. The Oooo's and Ahhh's were fantastic  :)

 Day 175 of 365. We are all tired from a long night of fireworks and a sleepover, so cuddles for everyone......even Charlie :)

Day 176 of 365. Uh, I do believe this is my most favorite picture of Grace EVER!!!!! It's just so her :)

Day 177 of 365. Day 1 of camping. The girls found Lake Michigan, I don't think they are ever coming home  :)

Day 178 of 365. Day 2 of camping. An amazingly beautiful Michigan sunset. 

Day 179 of 365. Day 3 (last day) of camping. More of that freezing cold Lake Michigan, these girls are crazy I tell you!!!!

Day 180 of 365. We got another loose one!

Day 181 of 365. Jenni's very first t-ball game and her very first at bat!!!! This sport loving Momma is so proud of her :)

 Jenni walking in to graduation with her class

Showing off her singing skills at graduation.

Ryan made me get in a photo, UGH!  I know I will love this when they are 15!

They played a slideshow of photos through the year, I cried!  DUH!

 Grace with her amazing first grade teacher Mrs. McVay!