Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014

Was Packed!!
Book making. Couch laying.
Cheerleading. Sunday Breakfast.
Our first week off of school:
Pumpkins. Science. Books.
Homecoming. Sister Love. Two Wheels.
Field Trips. Dance Moves.
Caped Crusaders.
The Little Things.
 Besties. Faces. Movie Night.

Day 274 of 365. In order to play on the kindle you have to be ready to go to school first. I guess sitting by the door counts as REALLY ready :)

Day 275 of 365. She is back to work making books! A mystery book is in the works, and she hopes to have it done by Halloween :)
Day 276 of 365. I guess the seats are just not that comfortable?!?!  

 Day 277 of 365. It was a balmy 45 degrees this morning ;)  Both girls were troopers and did an amazing job cheering <3

Day 278 of 365. Sunday family breakfast <3

 Day 279 of 365. We had a super busy day today and on that list was pumpkin time :) *I did not pose them, they did this themselves :/*

Day 280 of 365. Jenni got to help with some Spooooooky science at Imagination Station, for today's events. :)

  Day 281 of 365. I love how she devours books :) She is into mysteries and anything about zombies, UGH!

Day 282 of 365. They like to "hide" underneath Dad's desk. <3 

Day 283 of 365. Homecoming was a success! The girls cheered at the pep assembly and then got to ride in the parade. Let's go Trojans!

 Day 284 of 365. no. words. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Day 285 of 365. Grace has been practicing for a few weeks now, I think it's official.......she's a two wheeler now!

Day 286 of 365. Does this count as double checking?

Day 287 of 365. Bear bear had a boo boo and needed a band-aid! He also got kisses  :)

 Day 288 of 365. I had the awesome privilege of spending the day with Grace and her class at Hidden Lake Gardens. We learned all kinds of good stuff about nature and plants :)

Day 289 of 365. Today, I got to go on Jenni's class trip to Carpenter Farms! Clearly, she is not having it  :/

Day 290 of 365. Her love of music......from me. Her dance moves......from her dad  :(  LOL

Day 291 of 365. The caped crusaders saved our house from the robbers! Thank goodness for Batgirl and Girlwonder!  :)

Day 292 of 365. They were supposed to be riding their bikes, that is what they asked to go do! I guess the leaves were way more intriguing?!?!?

Day 293 of 365. Practicing the dance to be performed at their last game! She was hitting it HARD!

Day 294 of 365. Jenni has decided to create a sequel to the book "13 Nights of Halloween" she is calling it "14 Nights of Halloween"

Day 295 of 365. Wednesdays are a really late night for us, but I try to just breathe and appreciate the little things :)

Day 296 of 365. A little "Fall Family Fun Night" at school this evening :)

Day 297 of 365. Our mission......to gross them out as much as possible!! COMPLETE!

Day 298 of 365. Our last early morning on the football field! Cheers to a great season! Go Trojans!

Day 299 of 365. They just want to play in the pumpkin guts! Who cares about actually carving them ;) They got the job done though!

Day 300 of 365. They met when they were 3! Four years later and they are still BFFs. I am sure that hurricane force winds couldn't keep them apart! <3 <3

Day 301 of 365. There she is, always looking over her little sisters shoulder!

Day 302 of 365. I keep telling her she is terrible at making silly faces, then she says "Here, how's this face!?" PERFECT!

Day 303 of 365. This game is to intense for me :/

Day 304 of 365. After a much heated bargaining session, the girls agreed to stay in eat Chinese food and watch Halloween movies :) Both sides feel they won! I think they are learning the game :/


 Duck racing at carpenter farms
The only rule to picking your pumpkin, is you have to be able to pick it up and carry it on your own!
Look at her fingers!
 7 and under?  This is Grace's last year in the corn box :(
It looks like a where's waldo photo!

 Watching the events

Stand up and stomp your feet!

 Let's go Trojans!

 Getting ready to ride in the parade!

 Grace and her crew ready to ride :)

 Jenni getting over her fear of riding a horse.
Grace also got over her fear of riding!
 Sharing the delicious goodness of an elephant ear :)

Grace seeing what it's like to be a squirel and pick up acorns on her trip to Hidden Lake Gardens.

 Grace and a few of her classmates posing for a photo for their teacher.

Jenni and a few of her classmates doing a silly face photo, she needs some work on that!