Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hello to the Parsons Family!

This is the Parsons Family.  
They were the lucky winners of a gift certificate that I donated to a local Apraxia of Speech Walk 
They are an absolutely adorable family!
The BONUS, my oldest daughter goes to preschool with their youngest son.


They are celebrating 10 years of marriage!  CONGRATULATIONS!

These guys were so much fun, can't you tell!  :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cynthia & Gerardo: Engagements

She is a teacher and he works in a factory.  However, their paths crossed at McDonald’s where they both work part-time.  They are in the process of buying their first house together, planning a wedding, and still working two jobs.  They are so fun and full of spirit.  They are happy and I love how they react to each other.  I can’t believe that I will have the honor to photograph their wedding, to share in the day that will make them one.
Oh, my.....HELLO GORGEOUS!!!

By far, the best moment!  I love couples that laugh together, it is the best ever!

I totally see some totally adorable babies in the future ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Meet the Bangerter's!

Meet the Bangerter's!
This family is awesome!
Both Chad and Renee used to work with my husband :)  At two different jobs of course.
I had so much fun photographing these guys, what a pleasure!!

I adore how he looks at her!

I love this!!

They are SO cute right!

The Scouting Walkers!

These are my fabulous cousins!
They are part of the scouting community, what a great organization!
They work very hard to get their patches and they are really great kids!
So proud of them :)
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These two make amazing cookies ;)

Clearly, they have a good time together!

My Aunt, their mother, is the leader to all of their troops.  She is awesome!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hellebuyck family of 3 + 1!

This is my little brother, his gorgeous wife and my totally adorable nephew.
I know I am a little biased, but I can't help it :)
They are expecting boy number 2 anytime now.
I know the name........but I can't tell you.   I know, I know, I suck. Sorry :(

I can't wait to take new family photos once the new little guy gets here!!!
Cutest 3 year old EVER!

I can't wait to take a new version of this in a few weeks!

She is soooooooooo gorgeous!

They make an amazing couple!

I think my brother is having more fun then my nephew :)

Yep, he is one lucky boy!
LOL, I love his Popeye!

The last photo as a family of three!

This GORGEOUS belly has my new nephew in it!!

DAMN!  This girl can make a paper bag look AMAZING!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

April's Weekly Photos

Well, April went by incredibly quickly.  My 4 year old turned 5 and the weather here has been AWESOME!!  I can't wait for summer, I am so ready.
Week 14: Fools.  My mother and my kids get together and always act like total fools!  Good thing I love them :)

Week 15: Treasure.  This was taken on her 5th Birthday.  I am treasuring the times I have with both of my girls while they are still little and want to hold my hand.

Week 16: Neighbors.  These are my neighbors.  What else can I say.  ツ

Week 17: Broken.  As a Mom I find broken crayons annoying.  As a kid I totally remember breaking them just because I could!

Week 18: Furry Friends.  This is Jasper, he belongs to all of us in the house, but he prefers Grace over anyone.
Well, April went by incredibly quickly.