Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jennifer's first date.

Jennifer's First Date
Jennifer has seen her Dad and sister go to the Daddy daughter dance for two years in a row now.
She has patiently waited for her turn!

This was finally her year!
She came home with the flyer and asked her Dad to go on a date with her as soon as he got home from work that night.

She has been talking about this for WEEKS!

First we got nails done.  The girls both picked out valentine themed colors.

Grace wanted to add a little glitter to the tips of her nails.

Grace has beautiful natural curly hair, so when given the chance, she always picks straightening it out.

Jenni has very thick straight hair, she went for a "braid crown" and the rest of her hair to be curly.

Zipping up her boots.

Finishing off her bow.

Her beautiful lace detail.

Jenni and Daddy.

Grace and Daddy.

The girls didn't want exactly perfect matching dresses, they opted to be similar with lace and black.
Ryan then coordinated his outfit accordingly :)

It's going by so quickly!