Thursday, October 2, 2014

Septemeber 2014

 Water. New games. New food.
Snuggles. Cereal for dinner. Cheer. Magic tricks.
Chalk. Worker bees.
Ninja chops. Independence.
Math homework. Made up games.
Love notes. Football. Cooking.
 Tying shoes.

Day 244 of 365. A proper ending to summer *plus it makes me giggle HARD!
 Day 245 of 365. Damn, they are OBSESSED with this game!

Day 246 of 365. An after school picnic/homework session :)

Day 247 of 365. When I was a kid we called these Fourfor's, because they were four pies for a dollar. Now, they are a dollar each ,but clearly still delicious!
Day 248 of 365. A crazy storm rolled through and she just wanted to snuggle through it......I am totally OK with that  <3

Day 249 of 365. Why not play in the sand now that the pool is not there?!??
Day 250 of 365. Dinner! One of those days where I just didn't have the energy for much else. :(
Day 251 of 365. Oh, crap! Who has a bucket of water?!?!?

 Day 252 of 365. This is how she ignores me when she is mad at me, I can't help but think she is still adorable :)

Day 253 of 365. She is practicing her cheers EVERYWHERE :/

Day 243 of 365. Grace is trying out a new magic trick on Jenni. "Pick a card, any card."

Day 255 of 365. Somehow, Grace, thinks this is fair!?!?!

 Day 256 of 365. Sometimes all we need is a trip to Daddy's work to calm down from a busy day :)

Day 257 of 365. A beautiful day with a side of chalk!

Day 258 of 365. Busy Bees.

Day 259 of 365. Jenni "First I will ninja chop you, then I snuggle you. What? That is just what I do!"

 Day 260 of 365. They freed the praying mantis that had been caught the day before because "She misses her family" <3

Day 261 of 365. 34 days of school in, Jenni decided today was the day she didn't need me to walk her to Kindergarten anymore! It is a reminder of the quote "There are two gifts we should give our children; one is roots, and the other is wings."

 Day 262 of 365. She did it!!!!!!! Grace overcame her fear and got on the stage and SANG THAT SONG (Lee Brice's "I don't dance")!!! I cried, I was so incredibly proud of her! <3

Day 263 of 365. No power! Shadow puppet games it is :)
 Day 264 of 365. The girls spent the day jumping to celebrate Cole turning 6 :)

Day 265 of 365. Math homework means calling in the big dog ;)
 Day 266 of 365. I think one of my favorite things is when they make up a game and it has 987347 rules. However, said rules, are never given until they don't like the outcome ;)

 Day 267 of 365. She is bound and determined to learn to read just like her big sis, so practice it is :)

Day 268 of 365. When she is in her creative mode DO. NOT. ENTER. You have now been warned ;)
Day 269 of 365. They made him love notes  <3

Day 270 of 365. It took until the third quarter of the Siena Heights football game to start getting a little loopy  ;)
 Day 271 of 365. Welcome to Daddy's cooking show ;)

Day 272 of 365. It's just one of those moments where you stare at your child and you are just in awe! <3

Day 273 of 365. It has taken her a while, but I think she finally has the tying of the laces DOWN!