Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Senior Photography in Oakland County Michigan- Brittany: Class of 2015

Brittany: Class of 2015

Brittany is stunning!  I am a little bit biased on that, she is my little cousin :)

She is an extremely talented cheerleader, a great little sister to her two older brothers
and she is still figuring out what to do when she "grows up".

I told you she was stunning :)

It's the eyes, the eyes are killer!

We totally sneaked onto the football field to get these!


Sorry boys, she does have a boyfriend! 

Fun fact about my beautiful cousin and myself, she was
born the year I graduated High School, in 1997 :D

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  1. Omg Cheryl, you are so sweet! I loved all the pictures you took of britterz btw. That’s why I was hoping you were still doing the professional photography. You are so very talented with that camera. ; )