Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MY Tabbert Family!

This beautiful family are my Tabbert Family!
You like how I claim them as mine? ;)

Okay, they are not really my family, BUT they could be!
My two daughters are the same age as these beautiful ladies and we had the pleasure of meeting them in 2011 when our oldest started preschool.

NO JOKE! They have been inseparable since!

Now, our youngest daughters are in preschool together!
I consider ourselves so amazingly lucky to have such a beautiful, loving, giving family in our lives!

So I introduce you to The Tabberts! :)

When Mom told me she wanted to do a Detroit Tigers Baseball shoot, I knew she had my heart FOREVER!
Every baseball team needs a little bit of eye black, RIGHT?!?

Here they are, these gorgeous ladies stole my heart back in 2011!  They are AMAZING young ladies!

The best players on the field ;)

Yep!  I think I am going to keep them around for a long time! Our family is blessed to have crossed paths with outstanding people!

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