Thursday, March 6, 2014

February 2014.

February is over.  The snow is still thick as ever though :(
We feel like we have been cooped up inside way to long, as we are starting to go a little bit loopy.
We are making up songs, taking extra long snuggles and watching the olympics.
It was the month of love, and well, we had a few traditions to go along with that.

I have never really counted down to spring, but believe me, the countdown is ON!

Day 32 of 365. Measuring things out.

Day 33 of 365. Jenni got mad at me for telling her NO. She was hiding from me behind Grandma Jacqui.
Day 34 of 365. Bath time.

Day 35 of 365. Today Grace was going to see The Little Mermaid play at the Croswell. She got all dress up to go only to realize she had no dress shoes. An emergency trip to wal-mart was made at 7:30 am. Bonus: The shoes were on clearance for $2.00.
 Day 36 of 365. Today is more about the story. She wanted to go out and shovel to "help daddy for when he gets home". She has no idea that shoveling the back deck won't really help at all.
Day 37 of 365. I am just working, minding my own business and this cutie plops herself right across my lap. 
Day 38 of 365. Picking a new dress has ONE SIMPLE well it twirls!

Day 39 of 365. This is the last time they will go alone. She was so excited all day!!

Day 40 of 365. Jennifer and I had our turn for a date this afternoon. We went to see The Little Mermaid. We had a great time! *Daddy took my 30 second crash course on how to use Mom's camera  .

Day 41 of 365. I am really enjoying watching the Olympics with the girls. Explaining how all the athletes work so hard and dedicate themselves to be the best. The girls are loving all the cool sports!  
Day 42 of 365. You would never even know this morning Jenni was kicking, hitting and screaming at me all because she didn't want eggs for breakfast.

 Day 43 of 365. Well, I am going to win mother of the year on this one! I gave Grace a black eye after she was behind the bathroom door and I swung it open to hard and the handle hit her right under her right eye. Ugh! 

 Day 44 of 365. All basements are made for rollerskating, right?

Day 45 of 365. I have no idea how or when this tradition started but every Valentine's we eat a chocolate dipped dinner.  :)
 Day 46 of 365. Frozen.......again.
Day 47 of 365. They LOVE snow!!! I just enjoy them playing together :)
Day 48 of 365.  A Monday + no school = a scratch on the honey do list with little helpers ;)
Day 49 of 365. It is in these moments where I am reminded of how little she can be, when all she wants is her Bear Bear and a snuggle :)
 Day 50 of 365. It's her first Twinkie!!! She LOVED it!

Day 51 of 365.  NO MORE MOM!!

Day 52 of 365.  Grace had "First grade Family Breakfast" today.  Grace was super excited to show Jenni "how to do it" for Kindergarten next year :)  (They look excited right?!?!?) 

Day 53 of 365. Today we had a great time at a birthday party which was held at the ginnatics (yes, I spelled that wrong). Thanks to the Eack's for loving us enough :)

Day 54 of 365. Ryan was chosen, out of roughly 540ish stores in the state of Michigan, as the store manager of the year. He is in the newspaper today for this award and accomplishment. Grace and Jenni wanted it posted on the fridge. So there you have it, right above the Jimmy Johns menu :) We are so proud of you!

Day 55 of 365. Thanks for the yummy snacks Aunt Dania and Uncle Mark (Uncle Stinky Face)!! The girls LOVED them.  

Day 56 of 365. The girls like to watch Daddy shave. They have even done it along side him *Note to self. Change the light bulb*

Day 57 of 365. These little fingers! They still hold my hand and they still need her bear bear
Day 58 of 365. Jennifer's Pre-k conferences. This hallway has held both girls, I am not looking forward to graduation  :(

Day 59 of 365. Broadway debut in 2030! Watch out America!! :)

Never forget to tell people you love them you are not guaranteed tomorrow!