Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014.

This year I decided to do  365 project.  One photo every day for a year. 
I have been wanting to do this for quite a few years now, but I always find an excuse not to.
I wanted to start 2014 off with no fear :)

January has been COLD here in Michigan.  So cold, in fact, we haven't even been able to go outside and play.  With temperatures in the negatives its just not safe :(  
I don't think we have even gone to school for an entire week in the month of January.  

So without further ado here is our January in the 365 project of The Family Henry!

Day 1 of 365.  I caught Jenni eating some snow.  I just hope it's not yellow ;)

Day 2 of 365.  Just trying to get my house back in order and this cute red head comes up to me and asks if she can snuggle and read with me. Housework can wait! 

Today plans were cancelled so a movie in a blanket fort was necessary Day 3 of 365 in 2014.

In order to play in the snow lunch had to be eaten first. Grace not only made herself a sandwich but she also made one for her sister. Day 4 of 365 in 2014  

Grace is my tech girl. She fixes all of our phones and she loves to play games on Grandmas phone Day 5 of 365.

Day 6 of 365. Jenni LOVES to play alone. I caught her in her room playing and making up a story. I love the imagination that comes from her.

Day 7 of 365 and second snow day. We are bored and stir crazy so hopscotch it is.

Day 8 of 365. We made a mad escape with the girls besties to the bowling alley.

Day 9 of 365. After 18 days of no school, Grace got the call to go back. She was sooooo excited to see her friends again.

Day 10 of 365. Jenni's only day of school this week was today. She brought home her name board so she can practice. Side note-I don't know where that face comes from.

Day 11 of 365. 6am bagels and Saturday morning cartoons.

Day 12 of 356. We made a trip to Imagination Station Toledo. Science is FUN!
Day 13 of 365. Mondays are fun for the girls because Daddy has the day off and they like when he picks them up from school. No mommies allowed!! 

Day 14 of 365. Technically this photo is terrible, but I LOVE IT! I love that it shows them in motion and they are holding hands. I have no idea what they are doing but they are doing it together.

Day 15 9f 365. My partner in crime while we sit and wait for Grace to get out of school. Next year, I will have to wait alone. 

Day 16 of 365. The after school chat of how their day went. 

Day 17 of 365. They love cooking shows. Chopped is a HUGE favorite.

Day 18 of 365. On our early morning grocery shopping trip the girls decided to be a "two headed monster". It made for a giggly shopping trip.

Day 19 of 365. Grace loves to write stories. She is also loving typing them out.

Day 20 of 365. Our furnace broke Saturday night. While our part is on the way, the girls have been camping out with a space heater in Jennifer's room. *We have a band-aid fix until the part is here* 

Day 21 of 365. IT HAPPENED!!!! Grace was telling Ryan that she has boys telling her they love her and want to marry her. He was NOT happy.

Day 21 of 365. Practicing her spelling words. 

Day 23 of 365. I think I might have just been scammed. She claimed a belly ache, but now she is on her second bagel after a giant bowl of soup.

Day 24 of 365. I guess a two hour delay can be exhausting. Jennifer fell asleep on our way to school.

Day 25 of 365. Once again it's to cold to go out, so a Harry Potter movie marathon was just the ticket.

Day 26 of 365. A massive beating occurred this morning! Not in my favor.

Day 27 of 365. These are the moments where I always wished for a sister. Little brothers are not really that bad though.

Day 28 of 365. Snow Day number 293579 She wanted to get a start on her valentine notes to her classmates.

Day 29 of 365. Another snow day and we snuck out of our house and raided the Tabberienes house.

Day 30 of 365. Every Thursday I have the total honor of reading with Grace and her class. They practice their reading skills and its very rewarding for me to give them my help Grace always gets to read with me first.
Day 31 of 365. Grace had winter homecoming at her school, while Jenni had hibernation day at her school, which meant Pj's.