Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Grace is 7 and Jennifer is 5!

So my two daughters are 25 months apart.
Their Birthday's are a mere three weeks apart.

My girls always fight me when it comes to getting them in front of my camera.
They used to think it was fun, now they find it tedious.
 This is often referred to as 
"photographer mom problems" ;)

So in a super short session and MAYBE a little bit of bribery,
my girls had their 7 and 5 year pictures taken!

This is what I am talking about.  She poses herself and I just run with it!

And again!  Well, at least she is really cute!

And she also thinks she is funny :)

YES!  A real one :)

And then there is this one who, at 5, knows everything about everything all of the sudden.

But, again, at least she is really cute with a "cheese"!

Nice try Jenni, but I need a real smile! ;)

My baby girl!

Yep, they are mine, for real!

OMG, then this moment comes along and I die!

But I like it in both B&W and color *sigh*

I am loving this moments in life!

 I am blessed they are mine and I hope someday they see themselves through my eyes and they will see how smart, beautiful, strong and amazing they are!  I hope they know they can do anything it is they want to do and that they don't allow anything or anyone to get in their way.  I hope they don't break to many hearts along the way and in turn theirs is not broken to many times.  I hope that everyday they give the best of themselves because if they don't, the world will be missing out!

Mommy loves you both!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

April 2014

April .
April started off with Grace becoming a beautiful a bug, then turning 7 years old, then a kitty Momma.  I guess it really was her month :)
We were finally able to venture outside, visit the dentist, and have some friends over.

Jennifer got all signed up for kindergarten, also became a kitty Momma and had a sleepover.

Ryan left for a week for Florida, and I got to capture it all :)

 Day 91 of 365. Grace had a spring concert today. She was so excited she got to be a bug! She was a beautiful blue bug with orange wings :) SuPeRsTaR!

Day 92 of 365. Jenni requested to fold her own laundry! YES!!!!!!!!!! It only lasted for about 5 items, but I will take it :)
Day 93 of 365. "Mom, I just want to snuggle and get warm in your bed." -Jennifer

Day 94 of 365. I ALMOST wish I made this up. I told her I had to do my workout and she told me she wanted to do it with me. This is how she showed up!!!!! A bathing suit and knee high boots! Hey, I don't call her "Jelly Bean" for no reason :D

Day 95 of 365. We spent most of the day at the Henry Ford Museum with my brother and his boys. The kids went back to the early days of MTV, when they actually played music videos :)

Day 96 of 365. We have been OUTSIDE allllllllllll day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 97 of 365. These girls were looking up frozen crafts! I think we will be in for another date soon!!!


Day 98 of 365. We decided to not waste a beautiful day! We went to the park and these girls LOVE to swing :)

Day 99 of 365. All the cool kids rock a trip to the dentist's office on spring break! ;) Both girls got perfect check-ups :)

DAY 100!!! Day 100 of 365. We had to cancel plans for the day, so the girls decided to start making books! They have turned the craft table into a book making factory :) You might have to check your local library soon!!

Day 101 of 365. Tonight we had the pleasure of wishing a very special girl a very Happy 7th Birthday! We are thrilled to call your family our friends :)

Day 102 of 365. What do you do in 70 degree weather? We practice getting our tan on, of course!

Day 103 of 365. Both girls have asked to play ball this year. So, Jenni will start t-ball while Grace will be moving to machine pitch. This morning we got a little bit of practice in, until the wind blew us away :) Oh, and a special thanks to my Mom for picking up my camera to get this moment of me and the girls!!

Day 104 of 365. She is fierce, independent, loving and kind. She is smart, determined, and beautiful. Today Grace turns 7. She wants to be an author and illustrator, she loves playing softball and reading. She is pretty much amazing and I am blessed she is mine  :)

Day 105 of 365. IT'S OFFICIAL!!!! Jennifer is all signed up and ready to go to Kindergarten. I can't believe it :*(

Day 106 of 365. Jenni: "Mom, say cheese!" Me: "No, you say cheese!"  :)

 Day 107 of 365. When you make bad choices, you have to sit and think about why you made those bad choices. :(

Day 108 of 365.  Swinging.

 Day 109 of 365. Egg dying is VERY serious business around here  :)

Day 110 of 365. We spent Easter outside alllllllllllll day It was awesome! 

Day 111 of 365. The girls have been begging for a cat. They have worked very hard to show us they are responsible and capable of helping take care of a cat. So, today, when they came home from school, they met their new family member........they named her Charlie!

Day 112 of 365. The Charlie love affair continues :)

Day 113 of 365. For her Birthday she got the basket filled with things needed to make books, since she wants to be an author. She has used her basket every single day since :) These books are going to be selling like hotcakes!
 Day 114 of 365. By request Daddy is helping build a beautiful princess castle :)

 Day 115 of 365. While they rest their heads, Daddy will be flying away for a week. So, one last love attack :)

 Day 116 of 365.  Ryan has never been in an airplane.  Today he can no longer say that!  After I dropped him off at the airport I got home in time so the girls and I could track Daddy's plane to Florida :)  Maybe, now we go on that honeymoon?!?! ;)

Day 117 of 365. We had a sleepover last night with the besties. This morning's bedhead required waffles with bananas and blueberries  :)

Day 118 of 365. Dear technology, THANK YOU!!!  :)

Day 119 of 365. This chick! No matter how bad of a day it is, this one will make you laugh like no other :)

 Day 120 of 365. Grace lost her tooth two days ago, but the tooth fairy didn't come :( (That is what Ryan always does!) However, we left a note on the fairy door and that magical fairy goodness came last night :) PHEW! Another check mark on that mother of the year award!:/

Don't forget to make your day AH-Mazing!!