Thursday, December 4, 2014

November 2014.

Grandma got a new place.
Time change. Half days of school. Location scouting.
Work station. Carrots. Ice cream at Grandmas.
READING! Conferences. Pizza and movie night.
Battleship. Creativeness. Chores.
Snow. Collaborative work.
Dancing. Morning snuggles.
Cousins. Christmas readiness!

Day 306 of 365. Having a snack on Grandma's fancy table ;)

Day 307 of 365. They girls found the ice in Uncle Dave's truck to be more fun then moving some boxes :/

Day 308 of 365. Socks, as soon as they get home they fly off of their feet :/ They also wore the same outfit today <3

Day 309 of 365. Kids do not care about the time change :( She passed out at 7pm and then up and playing legos at 5:30am :/
Day 310 of 365. A half day of school means a full afternoon of Monopoly :)

Day 311 (YESSSSS!!!! 311! If you know me, you know all about this!) of 365. I have been down for the count with a nasty cold for about 3 days :( The girls have been so amazing in letting me rest and getting me anything if I need it. They are absolute rock stars!! I did catch them in our closet playing on the kindle in the dark, I don't know why this is fun, but they love it :)

Day 312 of 365. I have a photo shoot tomorrow so the girls helped me location scout! They found lots of nooks and cute spots! They are learning the art :)

Day 313 of 365. It was about 30-45 seconds after I took this shot when I said "I told you so, Jennifer!"

Day 314 of 365. She setup a work station and went to town on her new house. It even had a rug to wipe your feet on after you enter the door. :)

Day 315 of 365. "Mom, did you know carrots are good for your eyes? Yep, they help you see!"

Day 315 of 365. A poopy iphone photo (because I didn't bring my camera in from the car) of Grace getting caught eating ice cream while at Grandmas :)

Day 316 of 365. SHE IS READING!!!!! LIKE FOR REAL!!! True to Jenni form, she reads in weird places <3

Day 317 of 365. CONFERENCES! For the first time in the same building :) Both girls got amazing reports! We are super proud of their hard work and the good choices they continue to make <3

Day 318 of 365. Friday night pizza and a movie Maleficent is now showing!

Day 319 of 365. This was an INTENSE game of battleship, she ended up beating me by ONE hit :(

Day 320 of 365. They are supposed to be cleaning their rooms and getting ready for the new week ahead! Really though, who am I to say "no" to doing something creative ;)

Day 321 of 365. She has been like this for about 15 minutes, so I guess its a comfy spot?!? 

Day 322 of 365. You wake up with coffee. I wake up to an enthusiastic 5 year old who can read 'Green Eggs and Ham' :)

Day 323 of 365. All on her own she grabbed dishes from the dishwasher to help me put them away :) I ended up giving her money to put toward her legos! <3

Day 324 of 365. Jenni needed music to skate to....big sister to the rescue!

Day 325 of 365. A half day of school means spending the rest of the day in the cold then hot chocolate :)

Day 326 of 365. A collaborative piece titled "Bear Finds Berries". By collaborative I mean that Jenni told the story and grace typed it out for her :)

Day 327 of 365. Birthday cards have some very danceable music so Daddy just had to ask "how does that move go?"

Day 328 of 365. Look!! No hands!!

Day 329 of 365. With the week off of school this is how I get woken up every morning! I love some early morning snuggles :)

Day 330 of 365. Making some silly sentences and seeing who can make the silliest of all :)

Day 331 of 365. We had a great Thanksgiving full of love, laughter and cousins. However, I am not entirely sure who is entertaining who here?!?!

Day 332 of 365. Creating beautiful Christmas art while relaxing at Grandma's new place :)

 Day 333 of 365. They are ready! We made snowflakes and guessed where buddy the elf will end up this year :)

Day 334 of 365. My favorite Christmas decoration (tree skirt) has this years addition completed :) <3 <3