Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is Elise.  She is soooooo cute!  I had the privilege of photographing her last summer.  She loves water, airplanes, the chicken dance, and playing peek-a-boo on Mommy's phone.  She is so smart already and she is only 1 1/2.  The world better be ready for this awesome, beautiful girl :)

She found the water and loved it.  Lots of splashing going on :)
A quick second where she took a short break :)

We found a sand pit :)

She was done and this is her mad face.

A fellow photographer was walking by and helped out with her bubble machine.  *Thank you fellow photographer!  My bubble machine is currently on order!*
Hello cutie! :)

Mommy had a bottle of bubbles, I guess they taste pretty good ;)

Then it was snack time. 

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  1. Amazing Cheryl - thank you so much, you are so talented!