Friday, June 15, 2012

I now have a Kindergartener!

I did it!  Oops, I mean Grace did it!
We did it together and graduated PreSchool!
This is a huge milestone in any parents lives, the school years now begin!
Here come, ice cream socials, sporting events, sleepovers, conferences, parent teacher association meetings, field trips and talent shows. 
Okay, maybe I went a little overboard on some of these ideas, but I am ready.  Or, I think I am!

When Grace left her last day of preschool, I opened her backpack.  Inside was a book titled "I knew you could".  It is about a train finding it's track, staying on course and believing it itself.  Now, that book might not make sense to her now, but I will continue to read it to her so that she knows she can go her own way! :)

A little pre-celebration before entering the building.

Where she will sit, right along side her BFF <3

Clearly, they are besties :)

She may have just been the best singer there, but I am no Simon Cowell ;)

Her AMAZING teacher, Mrs. Phelan.  How do you ever pay them back??

Her first day and her last!

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