Saturday, January 3, 2015

December 2014

Puzzles. Concert. Cuddles.
 Parades. Surprises. Memories.
Counting. Writing. Reading. Sickness.
Teaching. Basketball. More Sickness.
Christmas Parties. Cookies. Bowling.
Christmas Eve. Yummy Dinners. Helper.
Checkers. Board Games. Cuddles.

Day 335 of 365. Puzzle time.

Day 336 of 365. "You better not pout!" Jennifer had her Kindergarten Christmas concert tonight  :) (She is in the front row in the first o of photography) 

Day 337 of 365. They are totally enamored with 'The Santa Clause 3' <3

Day 338 of 365. For whatever reason I could not stop looking at their legs and feet and thinking how big they are! It is a myriad of emotions!

Day 339 of 365. Ryan took us to see the Christmas lights parade :)

Day 340 of 365. Last night we surprised the girls with Disney Princesses on Ice! At last count, the number to times "AMAZING" came out of their mouth was 37 :D

Day 341 of 365. Making Christmas ornaments, memories and messes :) 
Maybe the Mom's had wine after ;) <3

Day 342 of 365. Jenni asked for a "pony barn", Daddy got right to work!

Day 343 of 365. Grace just started teaching Jenni how to count by 5's, it was really awesome! <3

Day 344 of 365. I don't know when Jenni started dotting her i's with <3 's but it is kind of really cute :)

Day 345 of 365. One of our favorite places :) Can you see Grace?
Day 346 of 365. She came home from school yesterday with a fever. I kept her home today, just to be safe! This was the only 10 minutes where she wasn't bouncing off of the walls ;)
 Day 347 of 365. While teaching them to share, germs were not what I had in mind :/

Day 348 of 365. The Tylenol is working :) So, Grace decided to help Jenni learn some of her sight words <3

Day 349 of 365. Today the girls have gone viral The meds are kicking in and they are feeling better already!  

Day 350 of 365. Our last basketball practice of the season.

Day 351 of 365. The girls got me sick :( Then I got a phone call from school about Grace not feeling well :( Grace and I busted out the air mattress and watched movies all day! These germs can leave now!! :/

 Day 352 of 365. I am still not feeling well so the girls know whatever they ask for they will pretty much get it :/ This is one of my many Mommy truths!

Day 353 of 365. A twofer! This morning I got to hang out with Jenni and her pajama party, then later, with Grace to parrrrrrtttyyyyy  :)

Day 354 of 365. Today completed Graces first season of basketball!! She learned so much and I can't wait to watch her grow into an amazing athlete :D  **She is the one that looks like she has not pants on  ;)

 Day 355 of 365. We spent the day celebrating Christmas with the Hellebuyck's and making memories :)

Day 356 of 365. Santa's cookies have been rolled, cut, baked and frosted. Now, let's hope we don't eat them before the big man comes  :)

Day 357 of 365. Four years ago we just wanted to send Grace to preschool. Both girls have since graduated and we all have some really amazing friends :)

 Day 358 of 365. Our Christmas Eve night traditions: Chinese food for dinner, open new pj's, drive around looking at Christmas lights, sprinkle reindeer food on the lawn and setting out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer! Christmas is magical with kids <3

 Day 359 of 365. I can't even imagine anywhere I would rather be!

 Day 360 of 365. Daddy is home on vacation for a few days so we get to eat good, as he likes to cook all kinds of yummy dinners :)

 Day 361 of 365. "Girls, what are you doing?" "It's a feet war!" WHAT THE?!?!?!?

 Day 362 of 365. Jenni just wanted to help!

Day 363 of 365. Two on one?

Day 364 of 365.  New Year's eve tradition in our house includes board games, so we picked
out a new one :)

Day 365 of 365.  I wanted to end the project the way we end every night :). We all snuggle in for the last hour or so of every night I think we need to check into getting a bigger bed! ;)

Obviously they realized I was taking photos and decided to pose for me!

Then Grace decided to give her Dad bunny ears ;)


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