Friday, July 19, 2013

The Eisenmann's

Here is the Eisenmann Family!
I love them all!  How could I not, they embrace me like one of their own!

If two of them look a little bit familiar, its because I just captured their wedding last July :)
It was seriously the hottest day EVER, but it was beautiful too!

So without further ado please meet the Eisenmann's

 The Siblings.

Mom and Dad
 The oldest, Amanda and hubby Josh.
 Look familiar? ;)  Cynthia and hubby Gerardo.
 Scott and Beth.
 Dean and Amanda.
I absolutely adore this family.  Not only did they come with their own hay bails for props, they worked it out in these photos :)   They are all amazing and great!  I am a lucky girl for sure!

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